SHEZOO has a standard rock-band line up, but definitely doesn´t play a standard sound.

Due to their international set up: Ralf (CH), Jerry (CH), Micha (DE), and Natacha(NL), there are a great variety of difference influences. Let yourselves be surprised.


If you thought Shezoo no longer existed, you are wrong.

Shezoo´s latest CD is called “Change” because according to the band lots of things changed. For more than ten years Shezoo has been an active band, even though they took a short break, due to line up changes. The latest news is that they have made a new video clip and worked on new songs. In heavy rock Shezoo keep on spreading kick-as messages with plenty of vital energy.

Shezoo have played at national and international festivals and have been on tour through Europe with well-known bands like Matt ,,Gonzo´´Roehr, Shakra, Bonafide, Blaze Bayley, Rhino Bucket, Van Canto, In Legend, Cudda and Souldrinker.


In magazines such as Heavy, Rock Hard or Rock it you can read the great feedback they received for their CD´s Open Zoo and Change.

Online you can find many reviews and airplays which Shezoo received in Switzerland and many other comes such as England, Germany, Austria, Holland and so on.




SHEZOO haben das gewisse Etwas. Und sie sind alles, aber kein verdammter Pussy-Rock.



SHEZOO stehen für Energie und sie haben ihre Eigenständigkeit aufs Neue ausgebaut.



Het zal dan ook niet lang meer duren vooraleer SHEZOO in éénadem met die andere Swissrock giganten als Gotthard, Shakra, en Krokus genoemd gaat worden.


Es wird dann auch nicht lange dauern, bis SHEZOO im gleichen Atemzug mit anderen Swissrock Giganten wie Gotthard, Shakra und Krokus genannt werden.



SHEZOO has always been faithful towards their Heavy Rock Gospel, but nowadays it comes across with more testosterone and dynamic force. On stage they´ll mesmerize you over and over again and with a wink of an eye the blood pressure of the audience will peak higher.




SHEZOO (2006) - sold out

Zoo Book (2008)

Open Zoo (2011)

Change (2014)


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